What is a Smart Lock?

What is a Smart Lock?

From phones and fridges to light bulbs, smart technology has impacted many aspects of the modern Australian home. The convenience of these devices can make everyday tasks more seamless, especially when their functionality is applied to the protection of your loved ones and valuable possessions like smart locks can for your Gold Coast property. 

Smart locking systems not only enhance the security and practicality of access to your property, they offer an ingenious solution for people who commonly misplace their keys or forget whether or not they locked the door on their way to work. The team at Australian Lockmasters, premier providers of smart locks on the Gold Coast, offers some key insights to this exciting technology.

A smart lock is a gadget that replaces (or integrates into) the turn-key door-locking apparatus familiar to everyday homeowners. Using a local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, the smart lock is able to be double-checked and operated remotely by the owner’s mobile device, laptop or tablet and can integrate voice-activated technology.

The advantages of such a user-friendly and flexible system are obvious to anyone who’s fumbled with their keys while returning home with an armful of groceries or closed the door behind them only to realise their elusive keychain was left on the kitchen counter. 

By doing away with the need for a manual locking mechanism, gaining access to your property can be as simple as approaching the door itself, while the sensors take care of the opening and closing action. 

As well as the permanent entry code, users can set temporary codes for tradespeople, deliveries, and guests, making access streamlined and hassle-free. Many smart lock models operate using a data log of when your home or business was accessed, meaning owners are perpetually kept in the loop of the comings and goings at their property.

Cyber security is no doubt a significant concern, and while the thought of your home being breached by an opportunistic hacker may spring to mind, Wi-Fi connected smart locks present substantial safety benefits compared to their manual counterparts.

Chief among these is that the spare set of keys hidden so ‘cunningly’ under a rock or doormat are made redundant, eliminating a common access method for unwelcome visitors. Modern smart lock models offer the ability to send alerts to your mobile, or even the police, if it recognises lock tampering has been attempted.

There has never been a better time to modernise your home or business with the addition of smart locks. Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales residents can contact the experts at Australian Lockmasters on (07) 5601 1821 to discuss the latest in cutting-edge security options.


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