How to find the best emergency locksmith

How to find the best emergency locksmith

Finding a locksmith at a time of emergency is something more and more people need to do. Complicated security devices are appearing on many types of property, from handheld devices to cars, as well as more traditional assets such as homes and commercial premises. There are other emergencies, involving injury to people, for instance, which qualify as an emergency in the public mind; however, there are times when a lock-out can be almost as bad.


While every Australian knows to dial triple zero, or 112, when the time comes, it also makes good sense to store a number for a 24-hour emergency locksmith. As a lock-out represents a time of crisis, searching for help during a panic situation should be avoided. Here are some tips for having this essential service at your fingertips.


Research local companies in normal time


There is, inevitably, competition for locksmiths services in any popular locality. A heavily populated area such as the Gold Coast / Tweed Heads conurbation is home to hundreds of thousands of property owners, who all have plenty to lose. As such, security and protection are in the important regional industry, of which locksmiths form a significant part.


If and when the time comes to find a 24-hour emergency locksmith, any responsible citizen will already have a name and number to hand. It’s extremely easy to find reviews online, and this is a basic step anyone should take. Further to that, local word of mouth will provide a better idea of who people in the area trust. This kind of fact-finding is something that should be done when moving into an area for the first time.


Things to look out for


Essentials to look for in a locksmith are; timescale, experience, and range of service. 

  • Timescale: As a lock-out is an emergency situation, time of arrival should be within the hour. 
  • The experience will be easy to research, especially by word of mouth. 
  • Range of service should include every type of lock – physical and electronic – which applies to goods, equipment and premises.


Five-star testimonials are an excellent place to start when looking for a 24-hour emergency locksmith. As an honest first look, these give a good idea of who to trust in these vital situations.

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